18th Mar 2020

Novel Coronavirus COVID 19 Statement

This statement is to inform our service users, key stakeholders and the general public about some key changes to our organisation and our service delivery which we have made in response to the COVID 19 Pandemic.


We are keeping abreast of information from key bodies including; UK Government, Welsh Government, Public Health England, Public Health Wales and the NHS. This information is shaping our decision making and it is likely that further changes are made in the coming days/weeks. We will communicate any further changes to you as quickly as possible.


Our services are for many a lifesaving provision and therefore it is essential that we continue to support individuals within our residential services and that we offer support to those in the community as best we can. We recognise that there may be a greater demand and need for our services as panic and anxiety of COVID 19 sets in and more families practice social distancing and begin to self-isolation.


We are open but are responding to emergency face to face assessments only. All other assessments will be offered over the telephone. Our Support staff will be screening referrals to check for health and symptoms of COVID 19 prior to any face to face support.


As we try to limit the spread of infection we are reducing some of our activities to protect staff, visitors and individuals who use our services. We are:


Mobilising most staff to work from home and will be offering telephone advice and support where possible.

Practising social distancing and vigorous hygiene measurers within our teams and those attending the office.

Postponing all group activities including Freedom Programme, Recovery Toolkit, Coffee Morning, STAR programmes. We are offering individuals the opportunity to come to the next programme (when we are able to restart these activities), or to have programme packs created sent to you.

Postponing all training being delivered to professionals.

Stopping face to face meetings with other professionals, speaking over the telephone where possible.


Over the coming weeks as the spread of COVID 19 continues and we anticipate a drop in staffing levels, we will be asking team members to be flexible to support other areas of the organisation to ensure that we can sustain core services as best we can. This means your named support worker may change but another member of the team will be able to help you.


Now more than ever it’s essential that we support one another as organisations, individuals and as a community.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Lucy Reynolds, Director.



Helpful contacts

Thrive office 01639 894864   (open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm)
Live Fear Free Helpline 0808 80 10 800 (24/7 telephone advice and support)
In an emergency situation you should always dial 999