I am Worried About Someone

If someone confides in you about abuse they are experiencing you can follow some of these helpful tips:

Listen and believe – one of the biggest barriers facing victims is the fear they will not be believed. You should listen carefully and empathically to what someone is telling you.

Do not judge or criticise – remember how difficult it is for an individual to confide.

Don’t push for more detail – it may take several conversations before an individual will fully disclose and this may not happen at all. Respect their privacy.

Do not encourage someone to end a relationship if they are not ready to – an individual must make their own decisions.

Recognise your own limits and signpost to an appropriate agency – you can explore different support options such as accessing this website or contacting us directly 01639 894864 there is also a National 24/7 helpline for victims of abuse 0808 8010 800.

Provide emotional and practical support such as assisting with health appointments that they may need to attend, or reporting an assault to the Police.

Do not put yourself at risk for example by agreeing to speak to the abuser or visiting them.

Always remember that the responsibility for the abuse lies with the abuser, and never the victim.

Contact info@thrivewa.org.uk or call 01639 894864.

Our staff are available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

For 24/7 advice you can contact the National Live Fear Free Helpline on 0808 8010 800.

Always call 999 in an emergency.