Therapeutic Interventions

We offer a range of therapeutic interventions, tailoring our support to reflect the needs and experiences of individuals with the aim of empowering people to over the trauma they have faced. Translation services are available for individuals whose preferred language is not English.

Own My Life

This 12 week online or in-person course helps women who have been subjected to abuse regain ownership of their lives. The course uses multimedia content to explain complex concepts about trauma and abuse in easy to understand video clips, along with videos which evidence how popular culture reinforces or perpetuates:

  • Sexism.
  • Rape culture.
  • Violence.
  • Misogyny.
  • Disrespect in relationships.
  • Abusive behaviour.

The Own My Story Journal provides women with space for reflective practice, and includes all the information provided throughout the course. This becomes an ongoing resource for women after the course has finished. The course explores how women can regain ownership of our lives including owning our mind, body, choices, relationships, world, feelings. The course includes the follow-on “Own My Group” course which supports women if they would like to begin self-organising in continued support and learning together.


Recovery Toolkit

The Recovery Toolkit is a 12 week course, which aims to provide individuals with the knowledge they need to recover from the effects of living with domestic abuse. It is a useful follow on from the Freedom Programme and is designed for women who have left an abusive partner. It helps individuals to develop a range of positive lifestyle coping mechanisms to aid their transition to independent and abuse free futures.

” After every session I always go back and reflect. If you had known me at the beginning of last year I felt suicidal, hopeless and worthless. Tonight I’m really appreciating my life, cherish precious moments with family and friends and even now know I’m worth something and I’m not useless. Although I’m still working on some areas I know it’s not a magic wand and know in time it will come. There is hope. It may take baby steps or sometimes i will have to challenge myself and make myself do it but now I know I can if I put my mind to it. I’ve got the two of you to thank for not only giving me the tools to cope and getting me through things but also making it so easy to talk to. Not once did I feel stupid and you listened to everything. Family and friends don’t seem to understand but you two did. So once again thank you so much for what you have given me you two are amazing. “


We can offer counselling to support individual’s to overcome the trauma they have faced through domestic abuse. We usually offer 6 weeks of counselling on a one to one basis with one of our preferred highly trained and specialist trauma counsellors. To access counselling you need to be in receipt of existing Thrive services. You should speak to your Support Worker if you feel counselling would benefit you.

I hadn’t slept properly for two years before coming to the refuge. It felt like a massive weight had lifted from my shoulders. I was finally safe.
[Thrive] has been a lifeline to me. Having spent some time in the refuge and ultimately relocating to Port Talbot, I was supported throughout practically and emotionally by [Thrive] Without them I would still be in an abusive relationship.
The part I found most beneficial was when the counsellor explained to me the reasons why I am the way I am and why I act as I do, it is all part of trauma.