Minoritised Women

What EDGE can offer

All of our support and interventions are inclusive and can be accessed by individuals of any age or disability. However we also recognise that some groups of women are disproportionately affected by domestic abuse, which is why we’ve launched a new service called EDGE to address violence and abuse in older women, disabled women, black and minoritised women and those from the Roma Gypsy and Traveller Community.

We work with individuals, the community and professionals to raise awareness of domestic abuse, equality and Diversity through engagement and Education.

We offer translation services for individuals whose preferred language is not English.

Support for individuals

We are using our existing expertise in assessing and supporting victims of domestic abuse but paying particular attention to the additional barriers and discrimination that they may face by being older, having learning disabilities or by belonging to minority groups such as the Gypsy, Roma and Irish Traveller community.

We engage with other professionals to work together where appropriate and take a trauma-informed, holistic approach to meeting the needs of service users in relation to domestic abuse and any other services they may need.

We also help to empower individuals to stand up for their rights and get the support and assistance that is needed to enhance quality of life.

We can help expand knowledge of entitlements, which services exist within our community and support with access to these. We also offer a range of free and confidential services specifically tailored to individuals impacted by domestic abuse in Neath Port Talbot. These include:

  • Organising practical measures to ensure individuals and families are safe.
  • Support through the criminal justice and family court process.
  • Help with rehousing, money management and benefit claims.
  • Emotional support to rebuild confidence and self-esteem following abuse.

Support for local businesses and organisations

We can help local providers and businesses to understand and explore some of the barriers that older women, those with disabilities or who belong to minority groups such as the Gypsy, Roma and Irish Traveller community may face or have experienced when trying to access the help and support they need.

Over a period we are helping to support and transform services into one which is more accessible and user friendly.