Support for Parents

We support the whole family, ensuring that the cycle of domestic abuse is broken for good.

Our domestic abuse family service offers a suite of specialist, targeted and age appropriate interventions and programmes that are family focused and offer choice for families.

The service aims to assess the family dynamic, identifying the primary perpetrators of abuse and offer a bespoke package of support to the whole family. A multi-disciplined approach is used to seek positive behaviour change in perpetrators, or those displaying unhealthy relationship behaviours, at the same time as offering support to victims and their children.

Support for non-abusive parents can be offered through the STAR Parenting Group or the Recovery Toolkit Parenting Programme.

All referrals into our Domestic Abuse Family Service are managed by the Neath Port Talbot CBC Single Point of Contact (SPOC) team. You can self-refer by calling 01639 686803 or email

If you prefer you can contact us, we can support you to self-refer into this service. Call 01639 894 864 or email

We offer translation services for individuals whose preferred language is not English.

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)

Our specialist VIG practitioners offer support to parents with children under the age of 5 to help improve bonding and attachment issues that have resulted from domestic abuse.

What is VIG?

VIG is a bespoke method which involves filming an interaction between parent and child, and then editing the footage to 3 positive moments of interaction, this is then watched back with the client and discussed in depth. This method has been widely approved to help with infant bonding and attachment between parents and babies. This method aims to improve communication and relationships. By focusing on the positives and recognising what parents are already doing well, it encourages that behaviour to be repeated

How does it work?

  • A short 10 minute video recording is taken of an interaction between the parent and child.
  • The VIG guider will observe the footage and highlight 3 positive interactions between the parent and child.
  • The VIG guider will then meet with the parent and view back the highlighted footage.
  • Each cycle will include 4 VIG sessions spread over 9 – 10 weeks.
  • By focusing on the positives and recognising what parents are already doing well it encourages that behaviour to be repeated.
  • As a result the attachment bond between parent and child will be strengthened.

Individuals who have taken part in VIG have reported benefits in helping with bonding, attachment and parenting style. Participants say it has improved their confidence levels which has helped improve their communications and relationships with their children.

Other recorded benefits include:

  • Confidence in parenting abilities.
  • Building self-esteem.
  • Confidence in communicating with their child.
  • Encouraging play with their children.
  • Understanding how to communicate with their child better.
  • Improve the bond between parent and child.


Hearing all the statistics made it more real and watching the video made it more of an eye opener
It made me let my child be more independent
It's good because I'm always negative, and it's nice to watch them and see the positive.
Gave me reassurance that I am a good mother